Plavix Generic Is The Best Of Two Worlds

Plavix generic the best of two worlds

Blood thinners

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You’re lucky you found this post and will come to learn why quickly.  Here is what the FDA says about generic drugs in general:  “Generic Drugs: Same Medicine, Lower Cost”Two worlds converge to make buying a Plavix generic or any generic drug for that matter an easy and a smart decision.  One is the sensible world the other world is even more revealing and insightful.  Both worlds are the key components that give generics in general the inside edge with smart consumers.  This article is a must read and very enlightening when it comes to any generic drugs you consider.

Plavix Generic Two Reasons

Pricing and tough procedures for a generic plavix or other generic approval are critical components of generics and together they tell the entire story and they building a strong case for generic drugs in general.  Let’s look at the high standards by which they are measured first.  One only needs to Google generic Pravix to see that initially the FDA banned the generic equivalent for failing to meet their rigorous rules.  Article after article mentions the same thing and without searching further, the consumer is left
to believe there are no generic blood thinners for what we call Plavix Generic available in the market today.

While no one knows for sure while the search engines fail and neglect to update their search results for Plavix findings, that is not the case or real world.  Deputy Director Keith Webber, Ph.D., for Pharmaceutical Science in the FDA’s Center for drug research and evaluation said: Clopidogrel is approved for patients that had a stroke or heart attack recently including individuals as well as patients who have peripheral artery disease – partial or total blockage of an artery.  That shows you the diligence the FDA has when it comes to rigorous standards for generic prescription.

According to Lawrence Yu, Ph.D., FDA Deputy Dir.: FDA’s Office of Generic Drugs, he explains that for a generic drug to be approved the drug company must prove that it is the exact same, what they call “equivalency rule” to the original prescription drug. This means that to gain FDA approval, a generic drug must contain the same active ingredients as the original drug, meaning the active ingredients makes the drug effective against the disease or condition it is treating.

Here are more of the rules and regulations they require for generic medicines. 1 come in the same dosage form: in tablet from, the generic must be a tablet also. 2 generics must be administered the same way- if taken topical, the generic should be taken topical also.  3. Must be identical in strength and have the same conditions of use with equal rate and extent of drug absorbed in the bloodstream.  4 They must meet the same standards for identity, strength, purity and quality and be made with same guidelines as the prescription.

According to Mansoor Khan, R.Ph., Ph.D., the agency’s director of the Division of Product Quality Research, the review process includes a review of scientific data on the drug’s manufacturing, ingredients and performance and only then can the FDA assure consumers that the generics will work as well as the name brand.

Now for the second component: pricing.  This one comes in the form of cost savings a real no brainer and that’s what everyone is interested in when it comes to today’s economic conditions and continued rise in cost of living expenses, especially heath care in general and prescription drugs in particular.

Plavix Generic low cost

Try this on for size.  Plavix 75 mg retails for $219 for a one month supply…ouch!  Clopidogrel is $50 for same amount, both are for 30 pills.  No need to ask that burning question, why a Plavix generic you ask!  And I am not going to get on my high horse about drug companies fleecing consumers with unfair pricing on patented medicine.  You be the judge as you learn more.


Generic versions of blood-thinning medication – Plavix (clopidogrel bisulfate) – have been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Clopidogrel bisulfate reduces the likelihood of blood platelets clumping together and forming clots in blood vessels, resulting in a lower risk of stroke and heart attack.  Check with your Doctor about this FDA approved generic medicine.



FDA Approved A New Plavix Generic In 2012

This post will cover the most current information of Plavix generic, as well as the three top questions searched online about this generic drug.

Ever wonder how a product like clopidgrel- the Plavix generic drug comes to be approved by FDA?  Setting rigorous standards and best practices for generics in general and generic Plavix in particular is the responsibility of Product Quality Research Division within the FDA.

FDA Approves Plavix Generic

May 18, 2012 – The FDA has approved several generic versions of the popular blood thinner Plavix (clopidogrel).  That’s important since most of the information online says the opposite.

Plavix generic all about rigorous rules and procedures

Let’s start with the equivalency rule.  That test trumps all standards- This means drug companies must prove that their generic drug version is in fact an equivalent to the patented drug it is replacing. They also go way beyond that rule to ensure generics match the Innovator’s version of the drug as well.

Next comes the same active ingredients practice as compared to the patented product. This means the active ingredients makes the generic drug effective against the exact same disease or condition it is treating. Besides the same ingredient, it has to be available in same dose amounts and delivery system.  If it’s a tablet it must come in a table, if its and inhaler it needs to come in an inhaler or caplet..

How you take the drug or how it is administered, has to be the same way as well.  Is it an oral application, a topical application?  Then the generic equivalent must also be taken the same way.  It must have the exact same strength and the same conditions of use.  They even go as far to say, it must have an equal rate and extent of drug time elapsing before absorbed in the bloodstream)

Plavix generic and the last word on generics

In the final analysis, a Plavix generic like clopidgrel must be manufactured under the same rules and standards that the FDA requires for the manufacture and patnet holder, including meet the same standards for identity, strength, purity and quality

The FDA The Director of Product Quality Research: Mansoon Khan, states “the review process includes a review of scientific data on the drug’s manufacturing, ingredients and performance.  Then, and only then, we can assure consumers that the generic will work as well as the name brand,”

The top three searaches online May 2013 for Plavix

1.Plavix. do you need it?  This question seems to be asked in the context of using other drugs or having procedures.  As in, I am taking aspirin therapy, do I still need to take Plavix?Trusting your primary physician is the first step towards good health.  Just make sure he knows you are taking other drugs like aspirin if you are.

2. What is clopidogrel bisulfate?  Clopidogrel is used for preventing strokes, heart attacks, and death in individuals who have had a previous stroke, unstable angina, heart …

3. bi sulfate- Clopidogrel is marketed as clopidogrel bisulfate (clopidogrel hydrogen sulfate), most commonly under the trade names Plavix, as 75 mg

If you need a blood thinner and Plavix is the recommended drug choice, ask your physician if generic Pravix will work for you.

Welcome To Plavix Generic

Welcome to Plavix Generic.  We will be adding current updates on on a Plavix generic drug that will give you some great insight.

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