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Dosage of Plavix is a modern medicine which is widely used as preventive measure of thrombosis. Rather sensational fact is that just as soon as scientists made its revelation, about such disease as atherothrombosis was known little information. Consequently, almost simultaneously the main reasons of disease appearance and the ways to treat them were discovered.

It all started with scientific investigation, the main goal of which was the learning of blood plate’s functions and the search of an element which could prevent platelet plug. At the same time this element had to be efficacious and easy. Scientists finally discovered Clopidogrel, nowadays known as Plavix – a new medicine, acting upon the palates.

During more than six years Plavix generic was seen on the shelves of drug stores from all over the world. This medicine is much sought after the patients with atherothrombosis and the sale level continues growing. Moreover, clinical investigations continue discovering new spheres of Plavix medication.

It needs no saying that bad after-effects of atherothrombosis such as myocardial infarction or cerebral hemorrhage are diagnosed a protracted period of time. Nevertheless there was lack of information about the main cause of such disease occurrence. The progressing of atherothrombosis starts from arterial wall injury, which is caused by the destruction of stored fat. As a result they form a clot.

The innovation of Plavix side effects is that it prevents blood clot formation. This is the first and the only representative of therapeutic approach. As far as the existence of atherothrombosis before the appearance of vessel aftertroubles is difficult to diagnose (almost impossible), treatment by generic Plavix uses should be started since the moment of clinical signs of disease appearance.

Nevertheless it bears pointing out the main situations when Plavix cost is regarded as the best medication for the atherothrombosis prevention of patients, suffering from:

  • ischaemic stroke
  • illnesses of peripheric vessels
  • Miocardial infarction

But those patients that suffer from gastric ulcer or some other diseases that can cause exsanguinations, unfortunately cannot take Plavix. The main reason is that taking Plavix the effusion of blood increases.

As we can see Plavix is an antiplatelet drug which should be taken only once per day. Effectiveness and safety of Plavix 75 mg was proved by various clinical investigations including more than 100000 patients. This drug really reduces the risk of clot appearance.

The world scientific community many times proved innovative nature of this drug. Moreover, Plavix even won some awards as the best medication. Nowadays more than 41 million patients in more than 53 countries have undergone treatment by Plavix. Such overwhelming popularity is a result of the quality of the drug and a bulk of investigations. So hardly nowadays there is better treatment for averting of blood clots.