Blood Vessel Conditions

If to tell a person that he or she can die of the pain in his legs, surely he will laugh and will not take it seriously. But unfortunately the reality is that blood-clotting is really dangerous and it is a result of various heart and blood vessel conditions.

Clottage is a disease which causes blood clots appearance. Blood plates means too much for everybody because exactly thanks to them when a person injuries his hand, leg or the other part of the body, thrombocytes “clue” all sores and prevent bleeding. But they have one disadvantage – they may create blood clots that cause danger to life.

As well as the other diseases, thrombosis doesn’t appear by itself; there are some reasons that cause it. Blood vessels are thrombosed because of the problems with cardiovascular system. Among the main factors that provoke it, age is the most significant. As the years go by a person starts leading inactive way of life, which provokes venous engorgement. But unfortunately in current times, this problem is hot even for the younger generation.

One more reason is postoperative period. Any surgical intervention may cause blood-clotting because during any operation anesthesia is used.

Moreover those who have extra weight are the first in a risk group. Among the other reasons we can also figure out oncological and kidney diseases.

As a rule, you can feel this disease by acute pain in your legs. Frequently this process is accompanied by heavy legs or hydrops. But everything depends on the location of blood vessels. If a blood clot is located in an iliac vein then hydrops spreads on the whole leg, the skin acquires blue colour and seems to be cold. The condition of a person worsens, temperature jump appears and a person feels faint.

Speaking about the treatment of blood-clotting, it ought to be mentioned that it depends greatly upon the severity of the disease. If it is not so serious the pharmaceutical treatment is used, using various drugs that thin the blood. It improves blood movement and helps to evade thrombi formation.

One of the medicines that is widely used for the prevention of thrombi formation is Plavix. Frequently Plavix is prescribed to patients during the healing period after heart or brain attacks and also for medication of some complications after surgical interventions. Various blood vessel diseases also are treated by Plavix.

The active ingredient of Plavix is Clopidogrel. This chemical mixture cannot influence over the process of haemopexis by itself; biologically active substance forms only after several complicated transformations in hepar. Plavix influences over blood disks and they beyond retrieve lose their ability to agglomeration.

The main advantage of Plavix is that during medication a patient cannot care about accidental thrombus formation which can pose hazard to life.

One way or another, depending on the disease severity level the decision concerning surgical intervention or drug therapy should be concluded by vascular surgeon.