Use Plavix For Heart Attack Prevention

Diseases of heart, of course, are the main cause of mortality throughout of the world, for no other reason, each year more people die. In 2012, due to these ailments died about 17 million people, accounting for 31% of deaths of the world. Of this number, about 7 million people died of cardiac ischemia, and stroke killed more than 6 million people. More than 75% of deaths from diseases of the cardiovascular system occur in middle- and low-income countries.

Of the 16 million deaths from non-communicable diseases before the age of 60 years 82% of cases occur in countries with a low standard of living, and are the cause of 37% of cardiovascular disease.

Many of CVD can be prevented by taking measures against such risks as unhealthy diet, obesity, tobacco use, alcohol consumption, lack of physical activity, with the help of strategies covering the entire population.

People with heart disease are in need of early detection and assistance through counseling and, if necessary, medication.

American scientists have confirmed in their studies that aspirin with this medication thirty percent increase chances of survival for many patients with severe heart disease. According to statistics, every day in the world is dying of heart attack by about 50 people. As a rule, they are because of myocardial infarction, delayed assistance provided by the man.

Here is how to provide first aid. The patient should lie; unbutton the top button of his shirt, belt, and open the window to give sublingual tablet glycerol. Call a doctor. Next diagnosed and untreated.

Among the reasons for the increase of heart attacks occupies a special place alcohol. His excessive and systematic use of a result in 30% of cases the cause of death. It’s known that Plavix and Aspirin alone did not reach such a high effect in the treatment diseases of heart.

The purpose of the application of Plavix in combination with aspirin was to reduce the total number of deaths. In the study, patients were divided into two groups with different drug therapy. For those patients who took Plavix with aspirin, it reduces the likelihood of repeat heart of the crisis on thirty-six percent.

Plavix is taken once a day regardless of the meal. Having missed one dose, if passed to twelve hours, then you should immediately take the drug. Then drink as usual at the selected time, once a day.

Experience with the drug the children missing.

It is a prescription drug. It was registered in November '97. Plavix has passed clinical trials for safety and efficacy. The study involved about a hundred thousand patients

Plavix does not affect the ability to drive vehicles and management mechanisms. For the prevention of heart disease quite well proven drug Plavix. American scientists have confirmed in their studies, in combination with aspirin, the drug thirty percent increase chances of survival for patients with severe heart disease. Plavix has passed clinical trials for efficacy. The study involved about a hundred thousand patients. Plavix is the best means for the prevention of heart disease.